Leadership – to go forth or to die ?

Today everybody talks about leadership ! It’s everyone dream to be a leader, having in mind the social personal benefits ! Few exceptions from this rule, just validate it !

leader The word has its origin in Sanskrit word „leit” with two meanings: to go forth or to die, transferred in Germanic „laidjan” and later in Old English „laedan „, in modern English being „lead”.

Leadership being a buzz word nowadays, we are just wondering how to evaluate the results of any leadership. Our global and national leadership in economics, politics, social areas is a moving forward action for Humanity or is its dead end ? Looking on actual results of leadership, we can conclude that in near future it will have the meaning of a human societaty dying process ! May be the ancient world and its languages like Sanskrit knew better what is all about the leadership, that’s why they allowed two meanings for the same word ! Concluding, leadership, as a social paradigm for go forth, is just dying !

We need new social structures, which should make the transition from actual ego-centrism paradigm to socio-centrism paradigm in our society. Not individuals will find a magic solution for our survival, but we all together can find better ways to adapt our Humanity to new global challenges and local environment conditions.

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