Etica decizionala

Filozofia eticii decizionale e axata pe trei teme majore:

  1. Etica respectarii regulilor (sociale si legale);
  2. Etica respectarii principiilor (morale si de argumentare);
  3. Etica beneficiului mutual (rezultatele aduc beneficii tuturor).

Poate fi masurata precis etica decizionala din organizatii, tinand cont de perceptia foarte diferita a acestor termeni de morala sociala ? Da, conform acestui raport. Concluziile si testimonialele sale sunt foarte interesante !

Snip20160221_45Descarcati si cititi raportul din imagine !

Project management is the KEY !

On Friday, February 5th , has been held the public event „Project Management and European Funds Conference” and later an article on same topic has been published by the organiser of this event: The Diplomat Bucharest .

I had a presentation on this topic, and I’ve been interviewed for the article. Here are below my cited parts from the published article:

The same perspective is echoed also by Teodor Darabaneanu, president of PMI Romania Chapter, one of the most important local association for the project management profession, who believes that the political will has changed for the better lately, an attitude that will lead to an improvement in the future absorption ratio. „The absorption of EU funds definitely depends on the political will,” Darabaneanu tells The Diplomat – Bucharest. „The way one organises tenders and the timings of the task book need to be done efficiently, because those were the main obstacles so far [in attracting EU funds]. However, I think that the political will has changed for the better and that the situation will see an improvement in this regard, especially if authorities will work closely with experts.”

Darabaneanu goes on to add that one of PMI’s objectives this year is to cooperate with other important project management associations in order to further help the Ministry of European Funds with expertise on the management of the projects financed with EU money not only in the pre-accessing process, but also during the execution of the project. „Authorities need to assess all their past mistakes and try to avoid them in the second financial period with the help of experts,” he says. „We, as PMI, together with other associations specialized in project management, could help them. I am optimistic regarding the 2014-2020 period due to the new technocrat Government, because I have noticed that the people want to professionalise. If things are going on the right path and people will get more confident, certainly the rates of submission of projects and absorption will increase, followed by a better execution of projects.”

You can read the entire article: Project management: Romania’s key to the EU funds door



Romania fara sarlatani in 2016 !

Azi am sustinut o mica prezentare in cadrul unui eveniment public.

Am spus foarte raspicat ca trebuie sa curatam Romania de sarlatanii care impiedica dezvoltarea tarii prin folosirea eficienta a fondurile europene ! E momentul sa aducem oameni calificati si onesti. Sper ca apelul public facut sa fie auzit si de cine are autoritatea institutionala sa „curete” sistemul de aceste reziduuri comunistoide ! Daca va exista vointa politica in acest sens, atunci noi suntem gata sa contribuim voluntar la acest efort ! Vizionati prezentarea !



“Wood Wide Web”

Mr. Wohlleben has delighted readers and talk-show audiences alike with the news — long known to biologists — that trees in the forest are social beings. They can count, learn and remember; nurse sick neighbours; warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network known as the “Wood Wide Web”; and, for reasons unknown, keep the ancient stumps of long-felled companions alive for centuries by feeding them a sugar solution through their roots.

His book, “Hidden Life”, has sold 320,000 copies last year and has been optioned for translation in 19 countries this year !

 Read the entire article !



Productia de vin 2015

Avand o vie la tara incerc sa fac un vin de calitate. Anul acesta am adaugat procedeul de filtrare mecanica a suspensiei pana la 0,7 micrometri !!

Rezultatul il vedeti in aceasta prezentare si va invit la o degustare !!



Happiness – The ultimate goal for humans !

„Happiness is a subjective experience that is an ultimate goal for humans. Psychological studies have shown that subjective happiness can be measured reliably and consists of emotional and cognitive components.”

happiness region



International Project Management Day 2015

Today we celebrate our profession ! Let me wish to all project managers  good luck !!

This profession has been recognized 45 years ago in Western countries, but in Romania has become an official profession  13 years ago !                         IPMD official site IPMD_2

15 Paradoxes that mesmerizes you !!

If you are ready to be more confused than usually are, check out these paradoxes: Dichotomy paradox, arrow paradox, Ship of Theseus , God’s omnipotency paradox, Gabriel’s Horn paradox , Russell’s paradox , Interesting number paradox , Banach- Tarski paradox , potato paradox, Birthday paradox , and others.



The Friendship paradox is only for the Facebook users !! 

Read the article about the paradoxes that will make your mind explode !!


Humanity transition proposal – Imagine this can be true!

transition table

Is this proposal just another utopic worldview or is really feasible ? Can we do it ? Look into the table ! Take a minute and think about !

Can humanity understands the need of a social change to enable worldwide collaboration for a better living place for all ?!


Remember the song „Imagine” of John Lenon:


Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will lïve as one


Gravesian Theory – it’s all about the people !

When we speak about people and their social and cultural behaviours, we need to analyze the underlying values.

Spiral dynamics

In English, „value” has its root in past participle of Lat. „Valare” with the meaning of being healthy, strong, of worth („Vale !” was a common greeting for romans).  „But where do values come from? Values spring from worldviews. To effectively work with values means understanding worldviews – how people think, and why people adopt specific values.”

Read the article about Spiral Dynamics