Leadership – to go forth or to die ?

Today everybody talks about leadership ! It’s everyone dream to be a leader, having in mind the social personal benefits ! Few exceptions from this rule, just validate it !

leader The word has its origin in Sanskrit word „leit” with two meanings: to go forth or to die, transferred in Germanic „laidjan” and later in Old English „laedan „, in modern English being „lead”.

Leadership being a buzz word nowadays, we are just wondering how to evaluate the results of any leadership. Our global and national leadership in economics, politics, social areas is a moving forward action for Humanity or is its dead end ? Looking on actual results of leadership, we can conclude that in near future it will have the meaning of a human societaty dying process ! May be the ancient world and its languages like Sanskrit knew better what is all about the leadership, that’s why they allowed two meanings for the same word ! Concluding, leadership, as a social paradigm for go forth, is just dying !

We need new social structures, which should make the transition from actual ego-centrism paradigm to socio-centrism paradigm in our society. Not individuals will find a magic solution for our survival, but we all together can find better ways to adapt our Humanity to new global challenges and local environment conditions.

Diesel cars examined released over 10 times more NOx than revealed by existing EU tests. We urgently need to reform !!

New diesel cars from Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat, Volvo and other manufacturers have all been found to emit substantially higher levels of pollution when tested in more realistic driving conditions, according to new data seen by the Guardian.
“We urgently need to reform. This is not just about customers being misled, it is about the thousands of premature deaths due to air pollution each year.” – Catherine Bearder, who is a lead negotiator in the European parliament on the EU’s new air quality law.


Theory U

Using his experience working with some of the world’s most accomplished leaders and innovators, Otto Scharmer shows in Theory U how groups and organizations can develop seven leadership capacities in order to create a future that would not otherwise be possible.

Since it emerged around 2006, Theory U has come to be understood in three primary ways: first as a framework; second, as a method for leading profound change; and third, as a way of being – connecting to the more authentic of higher aspects of our self.Social_spaces

Article : From EGO-systems to ECO-systems economies


Men are on twitter, while women are on Facebook !

Here is a snapshot of the basic demographics:

    • Facebook skews female at 76 percent of users; fastest growing demographic is adults aged 65+; 77 percent of users earn less than $30,000/year
    • Twitter skews primarily male; 36 percent of users engage multiple times daily; and 27 percent of users earn more than $50,000/year
    • LinkedIn is more popular than Twitter among adults; accounts for 50 percent of college-educated internet users; only 13 percent of users engage daily and those users tend to be executive level
    • Pinterest is dominated by women; most active users are aged 18–29; income levels are split between limited and affluent

Based on those statistics, LinkedIn is a natural fit for a leadership expert because of the direct access to managers and C-suite executives. Those same managers and executives probably aren’t browsing Pinterest, so spending valuable time and resources developing that platform may not be necessary.

See more at: http://socialmediaimpact.com/building-online-presence-guide-authors/#sthash.dmRKZhnH.dpuf

The Marvelous Mathematics of Computational Linguistics creates new science

The easiest way to think about words and how they can be added and subtracted like vectors is with an example. The most famous is the following: king – man + woman = queen. In other words, adding the vectors associated with the words king and woman while subtracting man is equal to the vector associated with queen. This describes a gender relationship. Another example is: paris – france + poland = warsaw. In this case, the vector difference between paris and france captures the concept of capital city.

It’s worth noting that one of the pioneers and driving forces in this field is Google and its machine translation team. These guys have found that a vector relationship that appear in English generally also works in Spanish, German, Vietnamese, and indeed all languages. That’s how Google does its machine translation. Essentially, it considers a sentence equivalent in two languages if its position in the vector spaces of each is the same. By this approach its traditional meaning is almost irrelevant.

Read the article of MIT Technology Review

Organizations should devote 5% of their budget to education of employees

„Another practice in sociocracy … is that the move toward distributed management and self-organization is balanced with strong support for continuing education. Referred to as “Integral education” it requires a  plan for personal and team development as part of annual planning. One estimate is that organizations should devote 5% of their budget to education and research for employees, not only for top management and aside from that delegated to a research department. That is 5% distributed to each employee at all levels of the organization.

Integral education ensures quality in every detail of operations, engages the intelligence and energy of each employee, and develops the skills required to assume greater responsibilities. The expectation of self-organization develops leadership, which further ensures the sustainability of the company.”

Read the article of Sharon Villines!



Organizational Agility – the need for change

Agility is a critical competency for any organization whose core business is affected by the variability and volatility of evolving technologies and uncertain economies.

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Who would be „alfa and omega” in a project ?

An article about two perspectives on a project, like two faces of the same coin ! These two perspectives mean two separate disciplines: project management and business analysis.

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Doua fete ale unei monezi

Un nou design de blog

M-am hotarat sa schimb designul acestui blog.
Am creat si un sondaj sa vad ce reactii apar.

Apel catre copiii lichelelor

Azi am recitit „Apel catre lichele” de dl. Gabriel Liiceanu – filozof pe care il respect si-l stimez mult -scris pe 30 dec 1989, si lectura sa mi-a dat certitudinea ca acel apel este valabil si azi !

Ajungi „pe culmile disperarii” cind constati ca dupa 23 de ani societatea romaneasca nu si-a dezvoltat anticorpi puternici – printre care si societatea civila – care sa reactioneze la invazia microbilor ce o paraziteaza (lichelele si copiii lor) si o tine intr-o metastaza continua de 23 de ani. Fac parte din generatia optzecista (ca virsta, nu din curentul literar) si pot spune ca am fost cei mai afectati si inselati de tranzitia prelungita si fara nici un rezultat catre o societate deschisa, cu structuri ale statului puternice, cu o clasa politica altruista.

Am actualizat apelul de acum 23 de ani la contextul zilei de azi – Apel catre copiii lichelelor – cu speranta ca solutia oferita de mine va putea fi un un nou „pax romana”, din care ambele parti sa cistige ! Asa cum am scris si in text, speranta mea este ca nimeni sa nu mai scrie vreodata vreun apel de acest fel, fie catre nepotii lichelelor (peste 23 de ani) , fie catre stranepotii lichelelor (peste 46 de ani), samd.

Eu sunt inca optimist si sper ! Cum un nou an va incepe curind, va urez tuturor: La multi ani !